Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We are home now!  Discharged from the hospital today at noon.  YAY!!!

Ian took this photo today of us at the hospital just before we left.  As you can see from our smiling faces...we are happy to be going home.  

The nurse was getting on mum's nerves a little bit last night.  She was just doing her job but tried to fool her about the last time she took her pain meds, she tried to withhold them for longer periods in between.  My mum might have been on morphine but she's no idiot.
Below is the text mum sent me at midnight:

"Ok trying to fool me again, nurse bought in tylenol at 11:30 so I said I wanted 2 morphine @12 but she said no you have to wait until 12:30 because u had pills @ 10:30. They r hoping I will fall asleep but pain is just starting & I know it will be too much by the time I wake up. So determined stay awake til 12:30. Good thing I remembered u ordered pills @ 9:05 & they came @ 9:25"

So I called her and we talked together until 12:30 AM when then the nurse finally gave her the meds, which allowed her to sleep through the entire night.

We are now at home.  Mum loves her dream bedroom and will be perfect for her to recover in over the next few weeks.  We just finished dinner with Suze, Jules, Grams, Ryan and I.  We are now relaxing, overall it's been a very good day!

Over the past few days the most amazing people have sent messages and notes to us and I just want to take a moment to thank you all for your support through this.  

Happily recovering!
Keryn and family


  1. Hey I was just wondering if Nancy came home today. Great and party time. got to send us pics of this wonderful bedroom :) Hospital stays are so crappy . It matches their food (airplane food) YuK! Finally figured out how to use this comment posting...thanks to my Erin xxx

  2. Wow so glad you are home now Nancy - a much nicer place to recover and even better in the infamous bedroom. Love you honey. See you soon!

  3. I'm so happy you are home! That morphine dialogue sounded very familiar! Don't worry Nancy, take what you need, the doctor will help you get off the pain meds when its time. Just don't stop cold turkey! Rest up and take care. Love Connie xx

  4. Welcome Home Nancy!

    So glad to hear that the surgery went well and that you are finally home with your family. I would love to come and visit you when you have fully recovered. Just take it easy and get plenty of rest and enjoy your beautiful bedroom! What a wonderful surprise to come home too! I wish you a quick and comfortable recovery, huggs ~ Maggie

  5. <3 you both so much !! xoxox