Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Post From Nancy

Over the last few weeks my families lives and mine have been changed drastically. Imagine going for a test for a minor complaint, just an occasional ache in your side, only to discover that you have kidney cancer. I am in shock and still having a difficult time dealing with this diagnosis.

I am trying to approach my upcoming surgery and treatment with a positive outlook, trying to keep my sense of humour and surrounding myself with the most loving, caring & positive family and friends’

I know that this will be the fight of my life and these are just some of the things I am fighting for.

1.     I want to walk my daughter Keryn down the aisle and when they ask who gives this women to be married to this man. I want to proudly say “I DO”.

2.     I want to dance with my son Ryan at his wedding.

3.     I want to watch my son Ryan  hold his first born child in his arms, know the miracle of life & see the awe in his eyes.

4.     I want to watch my daughter Keryn hold her first born child in her arms, know the miracle of life & see the awe in her eyes.

5.     I want to grow old with my honey, Ian.

6.     I want to plan my Mum’s 90th birthday party on Aug 29, 2012.

7.     I want to be standing side by side with my siblings, Richard, Wayne and Susie if something were to happen to my Mum.

8.     I want to sit with Susie & Keryn and laugh and listen to all their silly stories.

9.     I want to decorate my Christmas tree and have everyone over on Christmas Eve.

10.  I want to go and visit Julie & Leo in Florida and have a lovely holiday with them. I always feel so welcome in their home.

11.  I want to work with Jane, Robert & Sherri at MAD until we grow old and retire.

12.  I want to enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner at Wayne’s cottage or Richard’s house or the old hunting camp as long as all my family is there.

13.  I want to see Jen complete school and become the success I know she can be.

14.  I want to plan brunches, lunches, dinners and parties and share wonderfully good times with all my best friends and family.

15.  I want to sit on the floor and play with my grandchildren and watch them grow.

16.  I want to watch the sunrise and sunset on a tropical beach with my honey.

17.  I want to share a bottle of wine with Jane & Robert at their villa in Tuscany.

18.  I want to watch all the sweet wee ones , Ben, Lola, Tyler and Jada grow up.

19.  I want  to see Ryan find a great career that he loves.

20.  I want to plan a great trip to NYC & London with Keryn & Susie 

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  1. Wow! This is a great post - a real tear jerker. Hope you have a speedy, fast recovery & hope to see you very soon. Aunt Nancy, you always have the best New Years parties & dinner parties...can't wait for the next one. And I would love to help you plan grandma Bea's big 90th's going to be a BIG one. And guess what? Jada got her first tooth today :) Love you tons & tons, Pam xoxo