Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Week 2 - Has it really only been a week?

Last week was THE hardest week I have ever had to live through.  I can't even begin to imagine how it must have felt for my mum.  The easiest way to describe it is Devastating.  

My Uncle Rick was getting married on Saturday to his lovely partner of 25 years, Linda.  I had been anticipating this day since we got the invitation in the summer.  Mainly because I knew there was a home Leaf game and I would have to work.  All summer long I said...I can't go, I'm sorry but work will be upset, I'll be letting my team down and I will just have to miss this one.  I knew my mum wanted to go and was looking forward to it all summer, I also knew that she wanted me and Ryan to be there.  Nancy's motto...the more the merrier, she likes as many people to be around as possible.  Mum gave me a bit of a hard time about it at her birthday dinner in August...but I remained insistent on working.  Well, you guessed it.  I went to that wedding.  We packed up the car(s) on Saturday morning and drove out to Tweed.  It was a gloomy day, it was damp and grey and I felt sad when I woke up but by the time we left the sun had come out, the clouds had cleared and although it was chilly out it was a perfect day.  In a way I think getting together to celebrate the good things in life was exactly what everyone needed.  The wedding was beautiful, we took lots of pictures and we danced.  Man we danced!  Even good ol' Grams got up and had a dance with her son and lent her walker to Suzie who played air guitar with it.  HIGH-LARIOUS!!!!  The whole weekend brought back a sense of normalcy with our family that we had been missing all week.  And it made me realize that it's true what someone said to me this week.  We have not changed as a family nor have we changed as people...we are still the exact same as we were before all of this entered our life...the only thing that has changed has been our situation...so we continue on being ourselves and dealing with our new situation at hand.  Here are some photos that I love form the weekend....I hope you enjoy.

Being a patient seems to be a full time job for us, specifically for mum.  Last week we were at a hospital 4 out of 5 days...and this week is more of the same.  We are constantly getting new appointments booked and things are certainly moving forward at a very fast pace.  The great thing is that our medical team don't just rely on phone calls and messages anymore.  We are in constant contact with Davina (our clinical trial program coordinator) who is a true professional, responding to every single question within moments of an email.  This week we have the following scheduled:

TUESDAY: MUGA Scan at Mount Sinai to check mum's heart.
THURSDAY: Pre-Op on Thursday at Princess Margaret.  
(This is a meeting to go over what will happen during surgery.  We don't necessarily know yet if mum will be randomized to the immediate surgery arm of the study or if surgery will be deferred until after the Sutent is given.  Right now we will actually have a surgery date booked just in case she is selected to have surgery first).
FRIDAY: Second CT Chest Scan at Princess Margaret.  

Although we don't have a surgery date yet we will be finding out very soon when it will be so at least if we do get selected for surgery first we will be able to plan for it and prepare ourselves.

Many of you have offered help in driving mum to the hospital etc but I just want to let everyone know that my work has been beyond supportive and Ian has taken a leave from his job.  Along with the rest of our family we are all good for any help this week.

More updates to come.  I hope you enjoy the blog...mum has seen it and approved the title and the background.  The one thing I would like all of you to know is that every response that you send and every email that I send out I share with my mum.  Every single word.  To be honest...being able to read the emails to her has been helpful and healing.  We sit together, either in hospital waiting rooms or recovery rooms or in the car en route to hospital and I read her every response that you send.  She hears them all.  And most all of the time we laugh.  Thank you for making us laugh!

With Love

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