Thursday, October 20, 2011

In Surgery...

Just updating everyone on today so far.  We got to the hospital at 9:30 AM and we had a bit of a scare when they told us that they were not sure if we could actually do our surgery today because a patient's surgery in the morning went longer than it should have.  The good news is that we got into the OR and mum got all prepped up.  She has got an amazing surgical team working in her right now.  3 anaesthesiologists, 4 surgeons and lots of nurses.  
We all got to sit with her in the prep room and we laughed and told jokes and it was pretty calm.
We are having a quick bite to eat now and then headed back to the waiting room and we expect to hear from Dr. Finelli at approx 5 PM.  
They slotted a 7 hour time for the surgery burt Dr. Finelli said that he should start just after 2 PM and it would take about 3 hours.  I will keep you all posted.
We are in good hands and things are looking good!!!!!
Updates to follow soon.

Love Keryn and family!

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  1. Keryn
    All the guardian angels are working overtime now and will watch over Nancy every second. She has an amazing support team with her now.

    She will be in all our thoughts until she has a full complete recovery. Keep her laughing & spirits up.