Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Good Weekend!

As noted in my previous post.  Mum's surgery is scheduled for this coming Thursday.  We are all happy that this is the arm of the clinical trial that we have been chosen for and we are going into Thursday feeling positive and slightly apprehensive at the same time.  A little surgery however will not keep us down.  So let the weekend begin!

Now since finding out the news we laugh because Mum has become a "one event a day" girl.  Meaning that due to feeling sightly tired, we only plan one thing to do each day and sometimes we surpass our quota of "one event" and other times we just stick to that one thing.  Friday Mum turned into a two event chick and went to work at Thompson Gardiner with her friend Connie and then we all met up for a bite to eat at one of our favourite spots "Le Papillion" on Eastern.  We ate some good food, drank a little bit of wine and overall just enjoyed each other's company.  And we laughed...man we laughed.  A LOT!

Friday night's dinner was followed by a unusually early brunch for all of us.   Mum, Ian, myself and Glenn met at 11 AM at Joy Bistro on Queen.  Mum and Glenn have been friends for years and Glenn always jokes that he used to change my diaper and "saw my hoo hoo"...whatever that means, but it always makes me laugh.  It was great to all get together although we all decided that for future 11 AM is too early for all of us for Brunch.  I had to work a hockey game so we will ensure that all brunches in future are scheduled on non Leaf Home game days.  We all know the importance of photos and we love to take them but I guess we were all just to consumed with each other's company (or tired) that we forgot to take any.  The photo below is of Glenn and Mum at her wedding and it's one of my favourite photos of two great friends who have truly lasted the test of time.
Mum and Glenn's relationship reminds me a lot  of my relationship with my friend Michael Bonsor.  Just a great friendship that has been through some wild times (when we were all a little younger) and continues to grow throughout the years.  Even if we don't talk all the time or see each other as often as we wish, we are all able to pick up just where we left off and nothing ever really feels any different.  I love that about good friendships.  The confidence we have in them to continue no matter what.

Sunday was one of those windy fall days where you just felt like grabbing a blanket and "assuming position" on a couch somewhere and doing NOTHING.  But instead of nothing we slow cooked a roast and Suz (the best organizer in the world) helped us clean out our front closet and helped us get organized.  We even found Jenn's old polka dot coat that mum has been holding onto for years, just in case a little girl came along that could wear it.  We ended up tossing it, along with my sailor dress and a number of other old coats and jackets.  Keep, Toss, Recycle.  Suzie's mantra!  She should really have her on TV show.
Many of you might be wondering about Grandma through all this.  We did end up telling Bea on Sunday night before dinner.  We were slightly worried that the news would be too much for her to handle but really you don't get to be a strong, sharp 89 year old because you are a wuss.  Of course she was shocked and upset but is feeling pretty positive about everything.  By telling Grandma, it is just one more person to send Mum positive vibes and support her through this time.

Our domestic caring goddess Julie arrives tomorrow and we are all really looking forward to her arrival.  Yet another huge support during this time.

That's it for now.  There will be lots of time for more brunches and dinners.  Right now we are going to focus on a successful surgery and recovery.  With our immediate family we have tonnes of support at the hospital this coming week and it will be a time that Mum will be able to rest and recuperate.  We ask that any visitors wait until we are back at home and we can figure out a time for visits.  I will be sure to keep everyone up to date on how everything goes and of course if you want to get a hold of us you can contact me directly.  Hope everyone understands...I'm sure you do.

Talk soon
With lots of love and light and good thoughts.

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