Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thanksgiving, Waiting and Everything in Between.

It's been a few days since my last post as there hasn't been much to say about mum's progression with our trial and our treatment.  What we have done over the past long Thanksgiving weekend is spent time with each other.  We ate turkey and enjoyed the beautiful weather than Mother Nature provided for us, we spent time with each other and just enjoyed the moments as we all know what is about to come will be an uphill battle.  One that we are all willing to fight.  It might get harder before it gets better but in my belief it will get better.

Nancy is completely A symptomatic.  Meaning, other than being tired and still feeling the effects of this devastating news....She is in no pain.  That's the crazy thing about mRCC (Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma) is that in some people there are no side effects.  You might feel a dull pain in your side, thinking it's just back pain that you have suffered with your whole life and that's it's probably nothing.  In talking to my mum, we both thought - we must insist that there are more tests done for this type of disease.  Don't be a martyr...go to your Doctor if you have a slight pain...get checked out...its better than the alternative.  

We are awaiting news on our surgery date.  We still haven't heard and throughout all of this I have to say...waiting is the absolute worst.  We should find out some time this week when our surgery will be scheduled should we receive the first arm of the clinical trial.  Otherwise we will at least have a date in which the oral drug sutent will start to be administered.  The internet is sometimes a scary place to google and try and figure out what is what.  Medical jargon takes over and it becomes one big confusing scary place.  So I try not to look there too often.  The one site I did find however, is a youtube video on a talk that Dr. Jennifer Knox did on Cancer Clinical Trials.  If you are interested in listening to it, you can find it here: 
Dr. Knox is our medical oncologist and she seemed pretty awesome the first time we met her.  She has been working with the drug Sutent that mum will take for the past 9 years.  The trail that we are in seems to be in phase III which is a good thing for us because it is a study that has been going on for a while and she seemed really knowledgeable in the drug and the reactions to it.  

In the interim, as we wait to find out all of this information, mum has gone back to work a few days here and there.  I think its good for her to try and keep her mind off things because as I mentioned earlier...waiting is the absolute worst.  As soon as I know the next course of action I will ensure that you all know as well.

I wish I had some photos to post about our past thanksgiving long weekend but we were too busy having fun and I didn't take any, and neither did Ian.  I think Jeremy took some photos so I will wait to see what he posts and will add it to our blog.

On a personal note,  I had a really wonderful surprise this weekend.  My boyfriend Paul, who has been training for work in Calgary since September 17 decided to surprise me with a visit home.  I was at work on Saturday afternoon and had a knock on my office door.  The voice (which I didn't really recognize) said "hello Ms. Gibson" and I turned around and he was standing there.  Best situational surprise EVER.  Needless to say I was thrilled...and he was home for the entire weekend including our Sunday Turkey Dinner celebration.  It was pretty awesome and exactly what I needed to get me through until he comes home on November 11.  It was most definitely the best thing that has happened to me since finding out about all this on September 20.    He wins best boyfriend of the year award in my books...which is all that really matters.

I will keep you all updated and in the loop as much as possible.  Please don't hesitate to call or email if you have any questions.  Mum has just been a superstar through all of this.  THE most positive person I know and taking every day as it comes.  Mum...if you are reading this, I love you greatly, more than I can possibly express in a stupid blog.  More than words on a page, More than anything in this world.

So I am going to end off "this stupid blog" on all things I love about my mum!

  • I love that my mum always says "you are my favourite girl kid and ryan is my favourite boy kid".  She has always been even steven with her love for both of us.
  • I love the way my mum had taught me that a woman always looks better with blush and some lipstick (it's true you know)
  • I love that my mum knows me better than I know myself, when I'm angry or upset she always says just the right thing to make it all better
  • I love that my mum is actually one of my best friends, that I can confide in about anything and there is never any judgement passed and I know that my secret is safe in her mouth.
  • I love that one of my mum's favourite sayings is "Before the words leave the gates of your mouth, make sure they are true, that they needs to be said and that they don't hurt anybody".
  • I love that my mum has to take inventory of what people are ordering at the table in a restaurant and she always has to go last...because god forbid, she has food envy of another's plate.
  • I love that my mum put me in french immersion because she wanted me to speak more than one language and when it was time to study she couldn't pronounce spelling test words (i.e.: birds nest....Le Nid....silent D but she enunciated it anyway)
  • I love that my mum always believes that the more the merrier is good because she likes all of her family around her and doesn't really ever like to be alone (neither do I)
  • I love that my mum makes the most beautiful invitations, videos and overall can throw an amazing party.  I would have never been able to do Pam or Erin's shower without her.
  • I love the way that my mum tells a story.  They are always funny and insightful and the best stories ever.
  • I love that my mum knows everything there is to know about babies, just listening to the conversations she has had with Pam make me think she must have been a midwife or doola in previous life.
  • I love that I am still 31 years old and living at home and she is totally okay with comes first to her always and she is the best supporter you would ever want in your corner.
  • I love that my mum always instilled in me that even though my father left that he was a good man who loved me always and never ever spoke an evil word of him even after their separation...she let me figure out my relationship with him as in unfolded.  And I love him dearly.
  • I just love my mum...nothing more to say...she has always been there for me and always will be.  In my heart, in my head, in my life.  My mum doesn't even compare and I couldn't have asked for anything better.  
Don't cry mummy...what we are together is perfect and I can only wish that every daughter felt this way about their own mum.  I love you soo much.

With Love

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