Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Early Morning and Big Day

Tomorrow is a big day.  Mum is in for Pre-Op Surgery at PMH where they will go over what will happen during the surgery, how to prepare, what to expect and they will take some tests.  Suz and Ian are going with her to make sure that all questions are answered.  The only awful thing about it is it starts at 7 AM...if anyone knows us, you'll know we don't do morning well. As I mentioned in my last post...we are waiting for our surgery date which we should find out either end of this week or early next week.  If we get chosen for surgery, the date will be scheduled as they say it's easier to cancel a surgery then to try and book one.
Sometimes I think to myself that they must have been looking at the wrong person's scans because this couldn't possibly be happening to us.  Not that I would wish this on anyone else but I am sure you all know what I mean.
The scary part about all this is that cancer seems to be everywhere.  I hear about it all the time now, perhaps it's because if I talk about it other people tell me their stories but it seems to be all I am hearing these days.  

Tomorrow is also a big day for me.  I've been back at work now since Monday and tomorrow is our D DAY.  Leafs Home Opener against Montreal Canadiens.  It's our biggest night of the year, our busiest and hopefully a lot of fun.  Tomorrow we will serve over 550 people for dinner, we will break revenue records and I guarantee my maitre D Pano will lose his cool at least 6 times before 7 PM.  But we will get through it and by 11 PM it will be all but a distant memory.

What I am looking forward to is Turkey dinner on Sunday at Wayne and Gail's house.  We are all going over to enjoy one of my favourite meals of the year.  Turnips, Sweet Potato Pie, Mashed Potatoes, Turkey and of course Pumpkin Pie!  It's the best.  Not to mention Jeremy's kids are joining us, two of the cutest kids ever.

Tonight we took some time to hang out with friends and people who make us happy.  Mainly Baby Jada, Pam's daughter who is just the sweetest wee girl.  One of the things that I have always been in awe about is the fact that Nancy knows almost everything there is to know about babies and has the most sound advice about everything parenthood related.  She's like the Cesar Milan but for babies...the baby whisperer.  I'm trying to post a video...let's hope it works.

Hope everyone has some plans for Turkey Day that include spending time with people who make them happy, friends and family.  

Go Leafs Go!

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  1. Jada seemed more interested in mum's jewelry than any stuffed animal. Smart Girl!