Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sunday Dinner

On Sunday afternoon one of Keryn's co-workers arrived with a fully prepared 3 course sunday dinner for 10 people. I was so very touched my Emily's generous offer as she herself is a a cancer survivor. I have attached Emily's email to this post along with a picture of Emily, myself and Keryn.  We now plan to pay this forward to help someone else out in the future.
Thank you Emily, the food was amazing!!

Hey Keryn
I wanted to thank you for the link to your blog.  I have been checking it
every day and it is wonderful to see your sweet Mum doing so well.  I hope
she is feeling better and better every day and that you are getting enough
I am not sure where your mum lives or if she will be home yet, but I would
love to drop by dinner sometime this weekend to give all you starving
supporters a feed.  If I remember correctly, you are not a chefy chef type
and having a home cooked meal is great after you have been living in the
hospital.  The food there really is ass and after a while the last thing you
want to see is take out.  Please let me know if this would work for you.  I
don't need a visit or a chat, I will just provide some chow.  With pleasure.
I am healing nicely from my surgery.  
Please let me know about dinner.  I really would love to drop something off
Sat or Sun.

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  1. This is so sweet & generous. I personally don't know Emily & have never met her, but I already think she's wonderful!!! Thank you Emily for doing this for my Aunt are so thoughtful.