Thursday, November 3, 2011

Getting better everyday

I am so very happy to be recovering at home. How could I not get better with so many loving, caring people here to care for me. It's like having my very own nursing team. Ian is here every morning to make my breakfast, lunch, go for a walk or drive, watch TV or just to sit quietly with me. Keryn, my sweet, sweet girl who is just here for me completely. Julie comes over in the afternoon to make a lovely dinner while Suze is busy tidying up, Grams comes down to sit with me and when  Keryn and Ryan get home we all have dinner together. Certainly a change from our hectic lives, I know it will all change but spending this time together with my family has been one of the best things to come out of all this.
I am now 12 days post surgery and I feel a little better each day. I am finding it difficult to gauge how much to do as far as physical activity on each day. On Sat. I felt great; pain under control, some energy (finally I felt like getting up) beautiful sunshine filled day. Off Ian & I went walking the apt. halls and down 5 flights of stairs, then it was into the car and off to the store then a drive to the ravine and a 20 min walk. At the time I felt fabulous....BUT the next day WHEW!! Somehow I had pulled my calf muscle and I don't know which was worse, the pain in my leg or in my side. I really had overdone it and did not move out of bed again until Monday at noon.
I was off to see my family doctor on Monday afternoon to get the staples removed (not as painful as I had anticipated). Another step completed on the road to recovery. Today I have an appointment with a massage therapist to see if that will help my leg. I am still having some trouble sleeping at night and now have some pills to try this evening. (I would love a full nights sleep; hell I would love anything more that 4 hours).
A special thanks to my cousins, Debbie and Frank who flew in from the UK for the weekend to visit. What a wonderful surprise! I wished I could have joined you all for dinner.
Many thanks to all my friends and family who have been so supportive, visiting and sending me so many positive messages each and every day. Words can not express how blessed and loved that I feel.



  1. So great to hear from you Nancy. You deserve every minute of time and every display of love from the people around you. Its your turn to be coddled. You obviously are finding the fine line between resting and being active. I am happy that you got out to the woods to enjoy a beautiful Fall walk, but sorry you had to "pay" for it afterwards. Take each day as it comes, and enjoy as much as you can. Always thinking of you. Connie xx

  2. Your outlook is so very inspiring Nancy.
    Sending you a ton of love!
    XO Stephen