Monday, October 24, 2011

Wearing my big sister pants....

Below is a little email that my Aunt Suz sent to her sister over the weekend.  My mum thought it was a great email to receive and wanted to post it on the blog.  Here it is...enjoy:

Good Morning Lovely;

Today will be a better day Nance but you have to listen to your body and please don't over due it. I  am wearing my big sister pants today so I can tell you I want to rest,do your breathing exercises and take little walks not marathons. I have gently asked people to give you some time to rest and not visit you for a couple of days or better yet until you come home .I hope that is okay with you my little cupcake. You have to concentrate on getting better and stronger so you can come home to your dream bedroom. Remember Nance baby steps and moderation. This is the one time in our lives when less is better. Please listen to your temporary big sister today.You are my hona babe. 
I carry your heart

Love Suz

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  1. What a sweet "big" sister! Can't wait to see the new dream bedroom...I'm sure you're gonna love it if Aunt Suz & Julie decorated. xoxo Pam