Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Movin' on up...to the 5th floor that is

Nancy was transferred yesterday out of the Neuro Critical Care Unit yesterday and she is now back up on the 5th floor in the same ward we were in the first go around.  We know many of the nurses and they know us.  It's truly a relief because now we can focus on getting her moving around again and we are one step closer to getting her home.

Dr. Bernstein decided to internalize the cranial cathadar on Sunday.  This procedure, called a Cerebral Shunt takes approx. 3 hours and includes inserting a very thin tube from the ventricles in the brain down into the abdominal cavity which the fluid would then be reabsorbed by her body.  We were so happy see see her on Sunday night with no sterile hat and a lot less tubes.

Right now she is very sleepy, which is pretty normal as she went through a period where she wouldn't sleep at all.  Her body needs rest and recovery time in order to feel better.  She really has been through the ringer with everything in a very short period of time, so this is to be expected.

Ryan and I have a day shift and a night shift and we rotate so that she is very rarely alone along with an awesome network of friends and family who have been very supportive.

I will keep on updating as we move forward with recovery and treatment.



  1. Great news "Movin' on up" ... you "finally got a piece of the pie". It is so good to read another positive post about Nancy - it's a great start to 2012. Thank you again Keryn for the updates and please let Nancy know my thoughts are always with her.

  2. Some positive news to start a fresh new year. Your poor mom has been through so much. You and your family are an amazing team of love and support. I'd like to come and see Nancy when she gets home and is up to some company. Keep up the good fight. Sending prayers and love.