Saturday, January 7, 2012


We were told today at 1PM that mum was on a waiting list for a bed at Princess Margaret hospital but that beds often take a while to secure.   By 6PM tonight they had found a bed and mum was transferred by ambulance to PMH.  Here she will recover from her most recent surgery and we will meet with the radiation oncologist on Monday morning to determine when radiation will start.

This is a good thing.  The Neurosurgeons at TWH will follow her progress and believe that it is in her best interest to begin whole brain radiation as soon as possible.  We are happy about the speediness of this transfer and of course like anything else in this journey apprehensive of the next phase of treatment.

Mum has been in pretty good spirits.  She certainly does want to go home but maybe being moved to PMH will at least allow her to realize that she is that much closer to going home and be a change of scenery for all of us.  I was getting really sick of Toronto Western.

Any questions, please feel free to call me.  Of course if I don't answer right away, just leave a message and I will call back.

Looking forward to seeing many of you and thanks again for your ongoing support.

PS - Happy Ukranian/Russian Christmas.


  1. Such good news Nancy & Keryn. Dr. Dismissal is the BEST radiologist. I hope you get him. I have a major crush on him. PMH rocks - you will be happy there and to not make the drive every day. That will get old quick. What unit are you in for radiation? I am home soon & recovering nicely. Would love to come for a visit then.
    Until then take it easy and be well. So

  2. Thanks Emily! We meet with Dr. Millard tomorrow to see when and where radiation starts. I'll send you an email to your personal account and hope to talk to you soon. All the best in your recovery and hope to see you soon at the ACC!

  3. A step in the right far as treatment AND closer to home! You gals are awesome. Good luck with the next phase of your journey.....and what a journey it has been! Moving forward, that's the main thing. Love you Nancy xx