Friday, January 6, 2012

"Not Possible"

I've started this post about 15 times now.  Not quite sure how to begin so I'll just take a stab at few things.

Nurses in general are truly special people, male nurses however have continued to surprise me with their gentle strength and calm, caring nature.  We have had such amazing nurses that mum talks about long after their shift is over.  Thank you to Nadia, Marcia, Anne, Sean, Sean 2, Hank, Zania, Rose Marie, Sheila, Beverly, Trishia, Jennifer, Rihanne, Eva, Trudy, Daisy, Connie...all of them.  So amazing at what they do!  
Neurosurgeons also tend to amaze strange ways.  They slip in at the exact moment right before we get to the hospital or when you run down to get a coffee, and they are gone in the blink of an eye.  Very busy folks and hard to track down.  Masters at the art of deflecting questions so you really don't feel like you know anything more than before they arrived.

Mum's neurosurgeon today is a big burly guy, young, but senior in his role.  He has the most personality and bedside manner out of all of them in my opinion.  He's positive and kinda loud and boisterous and for some reason I trust him.  He came in today and told us that unfortunately the shunt that was put in on January 1 would have to be re-done.  Not the whole thing but just the brain part.  Of course...just the brain part.  
I found myself in a familiar place at 1PM sitting with mum in pre-op waiting for her 4th brain surgery/procedure/operation since November 24.  God willing her last.  

As always, she came out of it just fine.  The Doctors didn't have great news after the surgery, but not all bad either.  It's a hurry up and wait game...and the waiting continues.

There is a possibility that Mum will start radiation next week and be transferred daily to PMH to have the 1 hour of treatment over the course of 10 days.  We are waiting to find out when that starts.

As for Nance...she is doing well.  She looks good, with lots of colour in her face and beautiful skin.  She asked me today "how do you cope with all this Keryn?  Because it's a pain in the ass".   I responded "with lots of hope and because it's what you would do for me".  "Oh okay" she said.  

Ryan works with her to build strength back in her legs and she told me that "Ryan knows how to do it best".  Thank goodness for Ryan.

I still read her emails that you have all sent and we go back and read the blog.  The other day we watched an episode of Mad Men together.

Suz lovingly calls her sister "Evil Twin Twoozie" because my mum seems to do everything is 2's.
Nancy had 2 kids, buys most clothing or pairs of shoes twice, has two ice cream makers, and believe it or not has 2 crazy christmas hats amongst many other things.  So it's not really surprising (and kind of makes us laugh) that she has had 2 lumbar punctures (both awful), 2 shunt operations, 2 sterile hats that she's had to wear.  Evil Twin Twoozie strikes again.

And forget hospital food.  Suz will call us at the hospital and get Mum's dinner order.  Typically Salmon with Lemon Beurre Blanc and Couscous and always brings something yummy for dessert.  Often Ryan, Jenn and I (even Erin) will enjoy the left overs.  It's pretty cute.

So all in all, it was an eventful day.  Better days tomorrow.  Take the good with the bad.  Celebrate the good times, hold on during the not soo good ones.  I'll end off tonight by a saying that my mum has always said to me and continues to do so through this entire time...enjoy and goodnight.

Keryn:  I love you
Nancy:  I love you more
Keryn:  No, I love you more
Nancy:  Not possible


  1. "not possible" too freaking cute....
    Love you guys, xo

  2. Thinking of you today Aunt Nance..... Keryn and I went to the Christmas market at the Distilery with the kids. I think you would have really enjoyed it. Miss you so much! Xoxo Pam