Thursday, December 29, 2011


Hi All,
I finally feel like I have an update for the blog. It's hard sometimes to figure out what exactly to say especially with a positive spin. To say the past week has been difficult is an understatement. My mum, my brother, my family and I have been through hell and back but there are so many hopeful signs that things are getting better.

Mum had the cranial cathedar put in last Wednesday night and has been recovering since then. Today she started eating again and also got up for the first time tonight with the help of her awesome nurse Sean. Tomorrow we will meet with Dr. Bernstein and some of the other neurosurgeons to discuss our next plan of attack. We hope to be able to remove the cathedar and that her ICP will stabilize on it's own and she can take some time to get stronger before beginning anything else. We are still waiting to hear their opinions and of course they give you options and suggestions on what to do, so we have our questions prepared to ask tomorrow to determine the risk/benefit ratio. I have noticed through this entire process is that there is always a risk/benefit ratio and we now feel better prepared to ask the important questions that we need to know.

I hope everyone had some time over the holidays to think about what is really important in life and took the time to enjoy it, whatever it might be to them. I can truly say that all of the presents that are still sitting under our tree right now really don't matter in the least unless all the people you love are there to share it with. I feel lucky because I will never look back with regret wishing my family would have spent more time together because we've always done just that.

Looking forward to another good day tomorrow and eventually bringing mum home. Thank you truly to everyone who has called, emailed, visited, lit candles, prayed and sent positive thoughts to Nancy. I like to believe that along with her own strengh and will to fight, she is overcoming this latest hurdle.

Lots of love to everyone.
Best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year in 2012.
XOXO Keryn and family!


  1. Looking forward to visiting with you all again tomorrow! So happy to hear that Aunt Nancy is able to eat & stand up...all very positive signs. And we can't wait till Aunt Nancy goes home so we can all celebrate Christmas together.
    Love you all, xoxo Pam, Bobby & Jada

  2. So happy to hear the news. Sending lots of love from across the Atlantic. M&A xxxxx we are thinking of you all every day.

  3. I love you Nancy........ Gail and I will see you later and we will have to plan the turkey dinner.
    love always
    Your Brother Wayne XOXOXO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. So pleased things are looking better. We talk about you all every day, wonder how things are, and thanks to Keryn we know. Keep strong, love you all, Deb & Frank xxxx