Sunday, December 18, 2011

Automatic Pilot

As Jane tells me, I am currently on Automatic Pilot mode.  I believe her and I think we all are in a way.  Sometimes my my mind wanders back to when I was a kid in grade school and mum used to send me to school with gourmet lunches...better than a stinky old Peanut Butter and Jelly on Wonder Bread and a fruit roll up.  We never got to have fruit roll ups or cans of coca cola...EVER.  Instead my mum made black forrest ham and havarti with sprouts on fresh baked croissants or kaiser buns, with Allen's Apple Juice boxes and if we were really lucky we got those chinese sweet buns with the hot dog already baked inside (they were Ryan's Favorites).  On occasion there would be notes in my lunches.  Sweet littles notes from mum that would say "good luck on your spelling test" or just merely "I love you".  I can remember sitting on the portable stairs in grade school opening up my lunch to find a letter from mum with such sweet sayings.  

On to the present...mum is currently back at Toronto Western Hospital.  We went back this morning and they admitted her due to some leakage from the incision site again.  She is pretty good spirits but we would really like to get this under control.  We met with the head of Neurology last Monday and it was a good meeting, unfortunately we've been back to emergency twice since then.  We will meet with him again tomorrow morning to figure out why this is happening and what we need to do next.

Radiation was originally scheduled to start Monday December 12 but was pushed back to now start December 27th and we will have to see if that plan has to be altered once again.

I will try to update the blog a bit more to keep everyone informed.



  1. Keryn: Thanks for taking the time to provide the update. My thoughts are with your mum, always. Your good mum and your good family have been "kicked" too many times in the past few months, I hope your meeting today goes well. Again, thanks.

  2. Thank you for the update, Keryn. You have so much going on, I'm amazed you find time to do keep the blog going. It helps the rest of us, who have you all on our minds and in our prayers. Even as I bustle around with my holiday preparations, I am mindful of the important things this, the love of family and good friendships. My Christmas wish is simple. Get better soon Nancy. All the best to you and yours. xx

  3. Hi Ker,
    It was so nice to see you both on Thursday. I'm thinking about you both constantly and sending you positive energy and happy thoughts from MB. Auto pilot is not a bad place to be, sometimes it's nice to just put your head down and go.
    I'll give you a call in the next few days.
    Love, Jamie

  4. I loved getting those lunches when i would have a sleep over, and your mum would take me to school the next day. They were my favourite lunches, and i always remember there being a rice crispy square with them.
    Love you guys!