Friday, December 9, 2011

Latvia and Beyond...

Dear friends, family and blog followers from Latvia (no seriously we have page views from Latvia). We had a little glitch in our recovery and decided to take a trip back to the hospital where Mum had her brain surgery. Recovery was going really well and she had the stitches removed on Wednesday just as they had told us to. When I called mum to see how her head was feeling she replied "wet". I didn't quite understand what she meant until I got home to see for myself. The incision site was in fact leaking a clear fluid quite consistently. Ryan took mum to emergency and waited patiently with her until the neurosurgeon came to take a peak. They decided to keep her overnight for observation and to run a few tests and scans. The Dr. Also came in tonight and put 2 new sutures in at the base of the incision site which will hopefully stop any further leakage. The fluid has been totally clear this entire time (looks like water) but is actually what they call CSF or Crainial Spinal Fluid. I think we all feel like we are learning way more about this stupid disease than we ever wanted to. We should get to go home on Friday once all scans come back clear. YAY! Our little lovely Granny is recovering as well, we took her into East General on Monday as she just wasn't feeling right. She seems to be doing much better now and we hope to also have her home soon too. Christmas is fast approaching and we want everyone home together to celebrate the holidays. Thank you always for everyone's support, words of encouragement and love. XOXO Keryn Ps...mums room is back on the 5th floor with 2 huge windows overlooking the city with great views of the CN Tower.


  1. Thinking of you,, here's to a return home tomorrow bright and early .... Xo

  2. Oh my goodness, enough is enough already! I am sorry to hear of yet another set back (and usual bounce back). I hope you are on your way home with your mom soon and your Gran is feeling better too. So much going on in your beautiful little family. Sending love and good thoughts. Big hug for you Nancy. I miss you on Fridays most of all. xx

  3. Hello Nancy and Keryn, hope everything gets better soon. Thinking of you both every day. Lots of love. Michael xxx

  4. I am reading this in a small internet cafe in the Phi Phi islands, Thailand. I feel so far away but reading this made me feel like I am back home.

    Am thinking about you Aunt Nancy, Keryn and the whole family. Thanks for sharing your life like this when it is the hardest. Don't worry, there is a special angel up there that is looking down on all of us. Lots of love and so glad you shared this with me Keryn.

    Shannon xoxo