Thursday, January 19, 2012


A few years ago while I was still working with Four Seasons Hotel group I was sent to Aviara to attend a conference for sales managers.  I decided to invite mum along with me to the conference where she could hang out at the hotel, eat in the restaurants, sit by the pool and enjoy some time with beautiful surroundings while I did the 4 day seminar.  Typically Four Seasons allows your spouse to come with you to things like this but considering I didn't have a spouse, I figured my mum was a perfect alternative.  (I didn't even ask permission)

The plan was after the seminar was finished that we would rent a convertible and drive up the coast from Aviara to San Francisco and stay at as many Four Seasons Hotels as we could.  We did just that and had the most amazing time together.  It was truly a wonderful holiday.  We did everything that we both loved to do.  We shopped and ate good food, toured all the cities that we visited and drove that fancy red mustang convertible.  We stopped along the way to take in the beautiful scenery, and ate fish cakes and seafood at local seaside restaurants.  We found this fantastic outdoor outlet mall and spent hours looking in all the stores.  I navigated while she drove and we laughed a lot and created great memories that we now talk about a lot.

We've been on many trips together, New York, Nevis (West Indies), California, Florida, Las Vegas, Montreal and quite a number of trips across the border for shopping in Buffalo.  I just feel lucky that we got to share these great times together then so that we can talk about them now.

We had the loveliest dinner this night at a restaurant in Santa Barbara overlooking the ocean wearing all of our new clothes we bought at the Outlet Mall.  

Mum infront of one of my favourite trees...which I dubbed...the tree of live.


  1. She loved that trip! What a wonderful memory, one of so many you have with your mom. I hope she's enjoying it again while you reminisce. The pictures are great. Hold those happy thoughts.

  2. Please note...mum was always my spell checker. If there are spelling errors it's because mum didn't check any of the recent posts.